How to add value to your home by spending nothing

By: Spencer Smith

How to add value to your home by spending nothing

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The question Realtors are asked more than anything else: What can I do to my home to get the best return on investment?


Most of the time the response you would get from an agent would be to update your kitchen, bathroom, furnace, windows, or shingles… Although these may be great ways to increase value, they are not the best bang for your buck’.


Here is the secret no one tells you.


Clean, organize, and MINIMIZE!!!! This investment costs $0.00 and only requires a little time and energy. In fact, you can even make some money by minimizing your home and selling items you don’t need. Having a clean, organized, and minimalistic home for viewings can increase it’s value into the thousands.


Clean every inch of every corner, on top of doors and trim, inside fans and under your fridge… Rid of all your excessive clothing, and extra dish ware while your house is for sale. Organize toys, dish ware, shampoo bottles, toilet paper into perfect stacks.


It’s no secret that it’s a good idea to have a clean home for viewings, but even when you think its clean enough, clean more. Organize more. Get rid of more. Trust us, it will pay off in dividends.


Once this is done, its time to call KeysPlz Realty to get your house sold!